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Morale Killer or Career Limiting Move? Part Two

1 Jun

Reader comments for my original post of “Morale Killer or Career Limiting Move” were the highest to date. The post must have struck a nerve with others, as it did for me. Ironically, I did not even write it!

I intentionally did not share who I thought was the problem in this email exchange because I was very interested in the reader comments. The early comments centered the blame squarely on the VP for sending the first email but the later comments shifted the blame to the rep.

My opinion – The rep did the bigger damage. Whether the company has traditionally held sales meetings over the weekend is not the issue, IMHO. And yes, the VP could have “sold” the meeting. But if the rep was upset and wanted to change the dates, he should have called the VP and expressed his concerns and alternatives The rep could have shared the rest of the team’s feelings and worked out a new date that the VP could announce. But by replying-all to senior management, he forced management to close ranks and support the VP. Even if the rest of management thought the VP was wrong, they had no choice but to support him and save face. The rest of the sales team should be angry with the rep that slammed the door shut on them getting out of a weekend sales meeting.

I went back to my source for these emails to get a bit more information. It turns out that this company never had a weekend sales meeting before. The VP is new from the beginning of the year and hand-picked by the CEO. Half the sales team has 3-6 years of tenure with the company and the rep that replied-all is one of the reps with the longest tenure.

Does this additional information change your opinion? It does not change mine.


Morale Killer or Career Limiting Move?

17 May

I was sent the two emails below. After reading the first one, I thought, “Wow, what a morale killer for the sales manager to send out that email.”


From: VP WW Sales

To: Global Sales

Cc: Exec Staff

Subject: Q3 Sales Meeting July 11th and 12th – Mark your calendars

Please mark your calendars for our Q3 sales meeting. We will hold it on:

Friday July 11th and

Sat July 12th

You can make arrangements to be here on Thursday, July 10th and fly back on Sunday, July 13th. Please make your reservations at your earliest convenience so that we can get low cost fares.

Details to follow. Stay tuned.


Then I read the second one and thought, “Wow, what a Career Limiting Move by that sales rep.”


From: Field Sales Rep

To: VP WW Sales

Cc: Global Sales, Exec Staff

Subject: Re: Q3 Sales Meeting July 11th and 12th – Mark your calendars

This is not acceptable. The Sales team spends a great deal of time away from family already. To have this meeting scheduled over a summer weekend is insensitive at best.

Please pick alternate dates.


Why do I think the first email is a morale killer? After all, many companies I know in the IT space routinely have dinner meetings and weekend conference calls. Their attitude is, “Hey, we’re great executives, always thinking of the reps. We reserve selling time for them during the workday thus we do all the administrivia stuff after hours or on weekends.”

The second email is a shocker. Yes, tone is often hard to read in an email but I think the tone of this email is pretty clear. The rep doesn’t think much of the idea or the manager and clearly doesn’t care who in upper management knows it. Reply-all is a dangerous thing especially when you reply to an email in anger. Which reminds me of rule #1 of email – never ever write something about someone that you would not tell them to their face.

What do you think?

Who’s to blame here? VP, rep or both?

Is the Sales VP’s email a morale killer? How could they have written it better?

Does the rep need to find a new job quick?

Who needs to attend sensitivity training?