Social Networks – the backlash starting?

28 Aug

Maybe this is my personal pet peeve about social networking sites and thus this WSJ article resonated with me.

How Facebook Ruins Friendships

The author’s rant is that too many people have moved their relationship online at the expense of face-to-face time.  And that too many people share the dreaded TMI (Too Much Information) on Facebook – information they’d never share in public but feel compelled to share on-line.

I had a FB friend pondering online if they should have another child.  TMI!

Another about their trip to the dentist.  Another TMI!

Still, given the explosive growth of Facebook, Twitter and (to a lesser extent!) Inquisix, I think that people have just started learning how to communicate properly online. However, if we’re still struggling with in-person conversations and understanding email messages, then Miss Manners and her colleagues have a lot of work to do!


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