Cold Calling (in)effectiveness

14 Aug

No sales rep truly likes cold calling, even the ones that claim to thrive on it. With admin assistants screening for their bosses and many businesses utilizing caller-id now, it’s very hard to get a prospect on the phone. Of course there’s the standard “call early, call late, call often” method of cold calling but it’s still hit-or-miss. And how many times have you heard someone say, “Hello” in a cheerful voice only to have them change their tone because they realized they accidentally picked up the phone to a cold-caller? So while cold-calling is good for a few things – good practice for your elevator pitch is the only thing that comes to mind – it’s quite ineffective in today’s world. And a recent survey by CSO Insights reflects this ineffectiveness. Their “2007 Sales Performance Report” pointed out several key survey results:

  • 18% of a sales rep’s time is spent on cold calling
  • 41% of their leads are self-generated even though
  • 70% of the reps say their own lead generation needs improvement

And many sales reps consider following up on leads transferred by marketing to be not much more than a cold calling exercise – 53% of them consider Marketing’s leads as poor.

So maybe it’s time to start pro-actively and systematically leveraging that sales network of yours!


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