What is your best referral system?

21 Aug

A great question asked on LinkedIn a few weeks asking to share your best referral system.

My answer would be –

After customer referrals, my best referral system is through my peers in sales. We all have customers that we’ve sold to, either for our current employer, or past employers. Often, these customers have purchased multiple times from me while I was at different companies. I also have a network of sales peers that I keep in touch with since we’re often selling complimentary solutions or selling to the same types of customers (either by industry or job title). I often trade a referral into my customer base for a referral into a peer’s customer base when I know that my customer would be interested in meeting with my sales peer. It’s a win-win-win-win scenario as both sales reps get to meet a new prospect via a trusted referral and both customers get to learn more about something they’re interested in.

If you want to read all the responses, then jump to LinkedIn.


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