Selling by referrals via your network

7 Aug

This blog is about sharing ideas on how to become better at sales – to internalize a selling process that you’re comfortable with, that’s repeatable and ultimately successful. The central idea to this blog is the concept of network-based selling – also called referral-based selling. Selling to new customers is hard work especially the prospecting part of the sales cycle. Why else would we get the big bucks if it was easy! Think how much better it would be to get an introduction to a new prospect by someone in your network that the prospect trusts and respects.

After 10 years of selling technology solutions for big companies I transitioned to selling at start-ups and learned that it’s a different sell. Where once I had the corporate marketing and business development staff behind me and a well defined market and product in front of me, I now had the heady job of selling new technology solutions to new prospects that had not ever heard of my company and were not eager to answer my phone call. Where I once had brand awarness, I now pushed value proposition. But thru these 20 years of selling, I’ve continued to improve my selling skills, learning from mentors, keeping what worked for me and throwing out what didn’t.

So I hope you find some valuable tidbits of information in here, some that you’ll think is obvious but a good reminder and others that you’ll think are interesting enough to try for yourself. And if you do try, please share your results with the community.


3 Responses to “Selling by referrals via your network”

  1. bostongarden August 9, 2007 at 9:43 pm #

    I’m looking forward to reading and learning!!!! Go Michael and Dave Go!!!

  2. Retirement Dave September 12, 2007 at 8:32 pm #

    As it states in my profile, a referral is introducing someone you care about to someone your trust. I firmly believe if I have a high degree of respect for a colleague and/or friend, I am going to take a call from someone they know and trust.

    I look forward to not only being an on looker, but also a participant in this journey!

    Thank you for inviting me into this new and exciting world…

  3. Retirement Dave September 12, 2007 at 8:39 pm #

    To me, a referral is introducing someone you care about to someone you trust.

    If someone I know and trust asks me to take a call from someone they know and trust, I will take that call 100% of the time. Brilliant idea to harness those feelings and tendacies into a business model and networking community.

    I look forward to being an observer and a participant!

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