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The Highly Engaged Referral Survey

3 Feb

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing has a blog post today regarding the Highly Engaged Referral and the level of participation the person getting referred to is in the referral process. Obviously the higher the participation, the better the referral!


John is asking people to take a quick 5 question survey on referrals. Why not respond?

PS - thanks to wickedphobica for the picture

Inquisix Survey Results – May 2008

30 May

Great sales people know that the best source of information about your product or services comes from your customers – those who use your product to be more productive.

We recently sent out a survey to all Inquisix members asking them what they liked about Inquisix, what could be improved and if they’d recommend the service to a colleague.

The response rate was awesome, better than we expected! To those of you who responded, THANK YOU!

The best news of all is that many members and especially the active ones, see great value in Inquisix. The ability to generate referrals instead of names to cold call from is seen as extremely valuable to members and an offering unique to Inquisix.

The survey confirmed much of what we suspected our members are looking for. The good news is that most requested improvements are already in the works and will be rolled out early this summer.

If you are an Inquisix member and would like to see more details on the survey, please visit the member forum at


If you are not an Inquisix member and would like to participate in this vibrant community of sales reps giving and getting referrals, then please request an invitation at