Learning from Previous Mistakes

19 Oct

Fabulous article about Hulu from Fast Company magazine. Great lessons for every entrepreneur, every growing company or company wishing they could grow.

Can Hulu Save Traditional TV?

Lessons to be learned for all on:

  • Improving user experience
  • Using analytics to figure out what users want instead of asking them (because they don’t tell you – think Edsel)
  • “Dinosaur” TV networks learning from a lesson (missing out on YouTube) and taking the appropriate steps.   RIAA needs to do the same
  • How to build revenue and market share.  Amen!

Yes, I know this blog post is not about referrals. But I’ve been reading Fast Company a lot lately and find so many of them to be well written and insightful.  Their articles should be required reading for anyone looking to grow in the new economy.  Maybe that’s why it’s called, “Fast Company”

hulu fastcompany


2 Responses to “Learning from Previous Mistakes”

  1. The RainMaker Maker October 20, 2009 at 7:14 am #

    Truth? I read the first page, then clicked “last” page to see how long the whole article was and decided that I had the gist of the story. Then I went to the Hulu site and searched for Three Rivers to see if I could watch the end of Sunday’s episode that the NFL and Amazing race screwed up for my DVR. I could. So, I went back to read the rest of the article. After I finished, I forwarded a link to the article to my associates along with this comment, “This article was very long, but interesting enough so that I hung in there and read it. Now, I think that the lesson is important enough to share.”
    Thank you, Michael.

  2. Michael Kreppein October 20, 2009 at 10:23 am #

    Rick, it is a bit of a long read but I found it interesting reading & well-written so it was worth that extra time.

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