Boston-area VC funding for startups – where is it?

9 Sep

Since many Inquisix members are also entrepreneurs and business owners (like us), perhaps you’ll find these articles as interesting as we do.  The first article caused a big commotion and discussion amongst the Boston startup crowd.  Isn’t that what good articles do?

  • Why Waltham Doesn’t Matter – Finding early stage funding is always challenging for startups and the chances of getting a, “No thanks” are close to 99%. So when a noted Boston Globe business columnist calls the VCs on the carpet, everyone in our community takes notice. I was at a TechCocktail networking event last week and the VCs I spoke to all had lots of comments and head shaking. One was upset that they weren’t mentioned with the “good guys” in Boston. So if Scott was looking to stir the pot, he accomplished it in spades!
  • Hey, Boston-area VCs, angels: Loosen up and connect with startups – To continue the commentary from Scott on Waltham VCs and lack of Series A fundings, one of the Angels that rec’d kudos from Scott is offering his suggestions. It’s one all Inquisix members believe in – the referral. “If you can’t/won’t do the deal then referral them to someone you think will.”

2 Responses to “Boston-area VC funding for startups – where is it?”

  1. Heather Coull September 23, 2009 at 10:41 am #

    Hi there,

    I came across your blog and I just wanted to leave you with a resource that I believe you’ll find to be of value.

    On June 24, 2009- FundingPost held a networking event in Boston, MA where VCs and Entrepreneurs were able to network with each other. This conference consisted of three panels: a pitching work-shop lunch, a lecture of the “do’s and don’t” of a start-up, and a networking cocktail hour.

    We hold events like these all over the nation and it gives entrepreneurs the chance to acquire contacts, advice, and hopefully funding!

    Check out our website to get updated on any Boston events that we will be holding in the future. Also, we have an iphone app that updates our entrepreneurs on partner events as well.

    I hope that you find this as a valuable resource. Our job is to help Entrepreneurs thrive!

    Heather Coull
    Marketing Manager
    iPhone App:

  2. Michael Kreppein September 28, 2009 at 2:31 pm #

    Thanks for posting, Heather. I’m sure many of our Inquisix members, who are also entrepreneurs, would be interested in your events. We all missed the Boston-based event in June but please let us know when the next one is planned. For members not in Boston, check out their site because they have events all over the US.

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