Happy Ears Are Bad For Forecasting

15 May

Alyssa Dver is author of, “No Time Marketing” and was recently on Barry Moltz’s Business Insanity Radio show again. She had a great quote that was both funny and deadly accurate.

She said that “Happy Ears” is her term for confusing prospect enthusiasm with purchase authority.

What a great quote! It should be one of your top concerns when submitting your forecast to management. And management should be filtering forecasts with same consideration.

What about your forecast, does it have too many opportunities in it based on Happy Ears?


2 Responses to “Happy Ears Are Bad For Forecasting”

  1. Barry Moltz May 17, 2009 at 10:52 am #

    I see this time and time again- we have to make sure the prospect has the pain, the money to solve the pain and the authority to solve it!


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