Golden Rule of Networking

29 Jul

I recently listened to a podcast from John Jantsch at Duck Tape Marketing with Bob Burg. Burg is the author of Endless Referrals and together they discussed why a systematic approach to building referrals was so important.

You can hear the full podcast here.

The first step in deciding to systematically build a referral business is to ask yourself, “Am I getting referrals now? Am I giving referrals now?” If just by accident you are giving and getting then it’s worth building a system. But no system will help you build when there’s nothing to start with.

[shameless pitch] If you are ready to systematically build a referral-based business, then come join us at Inquisix!

To paraphrase, the Golden Rule of Networking is, “…all things being equal, people will do business with people they know, people they like and people they trust.”

Are you this kind of person?


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