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Boston Business Networking with dancing II

16 Mar

I wrote about NetParty‘s Business Networking event last August 2008.  Well, they’re back and hosting a new party in Boston on Tuesday, March 24th.  Their parties combine Business with Social Networking.  First h0ur or so is business networking with just light music in the background.  Then the social networking kicks off and the music gets turned up.

Will you attend?  Get your free invite here by March 23rd.

Boston not local to you?  They have other cities to choose from.  Wonder what the party in Buenos Aires looks like?



Boston Business Networking with dancing

20 Aug

I was invited to a local business networking party. It’s only for “…young business professionals…” so I’m not sure I qualify anymore! The events are hosted by NetParty and they promise (and I quote):

  • The first two hours of our events are like an extended “cocktail hour” with passed hors d’oeuvres at many events, drink specials, and low music conducive to business networking and making new connections.
  • Later, our events take on a more social atmosphere, with great music, dancing and conversation.
  • Our events are held at the hippest and most interesting venues. However, the music is never so loud that you cannot talk and our crowd is generally comprised entirely of young professionals.
  • We do request “business” or “business casual” dress for our events. With that and a fun spirit, you’re good to go

Well, I wonder how much networking will be business and how much will be social. Guess I’ll have to go! If you’re interested in the Boston Event, it’s next Tue August 26th at The Estate in Boston.

Here’s a free invitation. They also hold networking events across the United States so check out the location near you. If you’re coming to the Boston event, come say, “Hi!” But find me early, I’m not much of a dancer!