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Is the customer always right when they're wrong?

25 Sep

Many companies have the mantra that the customer is always right. I personally don’t subscribe to that sentiment although I do believe the customer should always be treated as if they are right. But what about prospects, ie future customers?

I had a one-on-one web presentation scheduled with a prospect. I spoke to them on the phone where we confirmed the date, time and agenda. Then they accepted my Outlook meeting request.

And then never showed up! Never cancelled either, just did not show up. Is that rude? Acceptable behavior? Common but unfortunate behavior?

My admin gets the prospect on the phone and reschedules the call. Again, the prospect accepts the meeting request. Want to guess what happened next? NO SHOW! No excuse, no phone call, no flowers, nada.

Well, they’re not a prospect any longer. But what would you do next?

  • grab a drink and forget about them
  • call and berate their boss for hiring inconsiderate jerks
  • call their boss and continue selling

What would you do?

PS - thanks to techsupporthell for the picture