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Networking : The Key To Your Next Job

18 Aug

Editor’s Note:  At Inquisix, the networking is primarily for building your business.  But sometimes you need to start your business or career again.  Which is why when Inquisix member Debbie Boucher asked me if she could post about finding a job through networking on our blog, I agreed.  After all, I referred her to one of her jobs.

Can networking help you get your next job?  Absolutely!  In this current economy, networking plays a critical role in landing your next job.

The New York Times recently published an article entitled, “Network To Find A Job – The Basics” By Vault.com.  The article talks about how 80 percent of jobs are through word of mouth and how managers first go to their network asking for referrals.  Here’s an excerpt from Marcy Lerner’s book, “Vault Guide to Schmoozing“:

We’ve moved past the point where we expect that jobs will be mainly filled through company recruiting and advertising. According to widely-cited statistics, 75 to 80 percent of all job-seekers find their new position through referrals; most openings never see the light of day (or newsprint). By schmoozing, you make word-of-mouth work in your favor. You can learn about a variety of industries and make friends and contacts whom you can call upon for career advice or assistance. . . .”

I’ve had firsthand experience in networking.  Over the past 11 years, three of my last four jobs were due to networking based on people I’ve worked with or who referred me to colleagues.

I’m constantly networking.  Case in point, I recently finished my kickboxing classes for the season (BTW, love it).  I attended the classes for 12 weeks and ended up knowing everyone in the class as well as what they do for work and vice versa.  I was able to get my niece to join the class and we talked about networking and how important it was (especially since she was out of a job).  As a result of our discussion and through networking, she was able to get a job by one of the HR Managers who was taking the class as well.  She is now a strong believer in networking; thus the reason for this blog posting.

Matt Bertuzzi, a colleague of mine at The Bridge Group, and I recently posted a survey in several groups within LinkedIn for feedback.   We received over 75 responses (thanks to all who participated) and found that “networking” helped 90% of respondents find at least one job.  That says a lot!  So here’s the breakdown:

Has “networking” ever helped you find a job?


Over 50% of respondents report that networking helped "every time" or "almost every time"


Also interesting was who within their networks provided assistance in finding the job. Here is what the survey shows:

What was the nature of your connection?

(Select all that apply)


Colleague (57%)  and Friend (43%)  were the top two connections in "getting the job".


Have anything you’d like to add?  Then please post!

Inquisix Member Debbie Boucher is an Inside Sales Consultant for The Bridge Group, Inc.