Customer One-Line Success Stories as Your Selling Keys

5 Apr

How well do you know the real reasons why your customers use your solution? The more you know the why the better you will be at selling the how. Features are rarely the reason. Sure, features are important but your competitors have features, too. What about the benefits of those features? Yes, more important than features but even junior sales reps right out of Dale Carnegie can recite features. Your company marketing department may supply you with glossy customer success literature to hand out to prospects but nobody reads them and rarely believes the platitudes printed on them.

You want your prospect to engage with you; to think of you as an expert, to move from disbelief to want to need. Your goal is to share brief customer success stories in conversations with prospects so they can see themselves benefiting from your solution in the same way.

Gold key bad powerpoing

The best way to engage with your prospect is to throw those PowerPoint slides that marketing gave you away. “Death by PowerPoint” is an all too-true cliche. I carry only 2 slides with me, printed out and laminated back to back. One side has the logos of all my company’s customers. The other side is diagram of my solution. By only showing the customer logos slide, I can engage with a prospect for 30 minutes just by mentioning the one-line successes each of these customers has had with my solution.

This means:

* My prospect realizes I have important knowledge to impart
* I know my customers, why they buy from my and the value they derive
* Therefore, I am not a transaction-based feature-benefit sales weenie but a trusted advisor

And where is the prospect’s attention focused? Not up on the wall, reading the slide faster than you can talk but rather focused on you. Where it belongs.

So learn your one-line customer success stories by heart, throw away your PowerPoint slides and get back to selling!


One Response to “Customer One-Line Success Stories as Your Selling Keys”

  1. Michael Kreppein April 14, 2008 at 2:11 pm #

    One of my favorite (and funny) bloggers, Kevin Sasser, just posted his views on presenting with PowerPoint.

    Check it out!

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