Sleep "Marketing"

7 Mar

Is worrying about sales keeping you awake at night? Don’t sleep walk, instead get a good night sleep and market while you’re catching up on those zzz’s. So says business coach C.J. Hayden on the EyesOnSales blog. While she’s suggesting how independent consultants market while they sleep, her tips are applicable to sales reps & business owners, too.


What I love is that she talks about getting referrals from people OTHER than clients. Everyone (see my last blog post) talks about how important it is to get client referrals.

But C.J. says, “Instead of spending all your time trying to build relationships directly with prospective clients, focus some of your efforts on getting to know people who could be reliable referral sources. Anyone who shares your target market is a candidate to refer clients to you……. The best potential referral sources are those whose services are complementary but not competitive.”

I agree!

Amen, C.J. and pleasant dreams!


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