Preaching to the [sales] choir

24 Jan

I’ve been reading a new blog from Geoffrey James over at BNET called SalesMachine. He’s generated some controversy, both intended and unintended, about selling. This is good for his blog, of course, because it’s getting people there to comment.

He recently posted a commentary on, “Should Sales Run the Company” where he quickly said –


He feels that the sales function in a for-profit organization should be leading the way. Not running the ship, mind you, but the group that leads the rest of groups to the destination. I titled my blog posting, “Preaching to the [sales] choir” because sales people already agree with his posting – we’re the only ones out on the street talking to customers and prospects alike on what’s going on and getting feedback from the only people who matter – those who buy our offering.

Of course, lots of non-salespeople are reading his blog….and disagreeing. His follow-up posting responding to these comments is an even better read than his first post. Much like one of my favorite sports columnists, Michael Silver, Geoffrey takes their comments and comes back swinging. Yeah, this is fun!


One Response to “Preaching to the [sales] choir”

  1. Geoffrey James January 24, 2008 at 4:20 pm #


    What I found fascinating is that so many people seemed to miss the point that I was saying that the company should be focused on sales and helping Sales to sell, not that the Sales group should be telling engineering which products to build, etc.

    You obviously “get” what I was talking about.


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