The most important word in sales

16 Jan

I attended a networking group meeting hosted by the Pawtucket Networking Meetup group. It was well attended by almost 20 people, some selling B2B and others selling B2C. The guest presenter was Marty Eerhart presenting his mini workshop, “New Business Development for Professionals.”

He spent time talking to us about creating our own Informercial about ourselves – something that Joanne Black calls her, “10 seconds to get a smile” when telling someone what you do. The people you are speaking to want to hear

  • What you do
  • What’s in it for them

Then Marty asked the room, “What’s the most important word in sales?” He received many answers including ones you’d probably think of

  • sale
  • now
  • please
  • final
  • offer
  • benefit
  • discount
  • value

and many others. He said, “Nope” to all of them. Marty says that the most important word in sales is BECAUSE.

What you do because what’s in it for them.

His reasoning? When you were a child and were begging for something from your parents, they turned to you and said, “No.” And as most children do, you asked, “Why?” and their answer, “Because!”

Why should I buy from you? BECAUSE…..what’s in it for me.

Anyone think there’s a more important word in sales?


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