Reasons Why People Buy

12 Oct

On my office bulletin board I’ve saved an old note from the first days of my sales career that lists the reasons why people buy. I don’t know the source anymore (if you do, please tell me so I can properly give credit).

Reasons Why People Buy

To Increase
– Profit
– Satisfaction
– Confidence
– Convenience
– Pleasure

To Improve
– Customer relations
– Employee relations
– Image
– Status
– Earnings

To Protect
– Investment
– Self
– Employees
– Property
– Money

To Reduce
– Risk
– Investment
– Expenses
– Competition
– Worry
– Trouble

To Make
– Money
– Satisfied customers
– Good impressions

To Save
– Time
– Money
– Energy
– Save

I recently found the 50reasonswhy website that takes the reasons from Geoff Ayling’s “Rapid Response Advertising” and adds pictures to illustrate creative ways to sell.

What are you selling?


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