No Wires. No Hands. All Business.

4 Sep

That’s the tagline for the on-the-go sales person’s dream – a wireless headset that works with your landline phone, cell phone and Skype account. Finally – the one headset that will work with all of my phones. Now I don’t have to have one headset over my left ear and another over my right ear.

Plantronics Phone

I’m a big proponent of the selling tip – “When on the phone, always stand up and use a headset to talk to customers/prospects.” Why? Simply because by standing up and letting your hands move freely, your voice tone and quality change dramatically for the better. Since the person on the other line can’t see you, there’s no way for you to use your body language to communicate your excitement for the solution you’re selling. So instead of utilizing several methods to communicate, you only have your voice when making a telephone call. And your voice will come across much stronger and vibrant when you are standing and gesturing.

Years ago when I was a telesales manager at Sybase we demonstrated this tip to the team. We put each person in front of a video camera. We had them sit down, pick up the phone and make a prospect call while we video taped them. Next, we gave them a headset, told them to stand up and make another call. Then the telesales rep could watch their videos and see the dramatic difference. Every one of them came away convinced.

Try it yourself – use your web cam to video yourself making calls sitting in front of your monitor and then making calls while standing and gesturing. Share the results as a video link in the comments section. Maybe the tag line should be “No Wires. All Hands. All Business.


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